The Farmer And The Devil © 2012 /single/

by PRD Vocals feat. Joe Jaunty

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Music and lyrics by PRD Vocals, Carmel, Indiana, US

The tired aged devil sat by the road
he must have been more than ten thousand years old
His clothes were dusty, his whiskers a mess
He looked so bored and ooze of distress

He yells out to a farmer - "where you go in such haste?"
(farmer replied)"Well, my plough is broken, and I need it replaced"
"No need to hurry, while the sun is still high"
"Come on over here and rest for a while"

(No good -can come out of this)
the farmer thought to himself
(this poor guy needs a friend)
and as it happened then,
he sat and listened when,
the devil started telling his tale;

"you see-
in the beginning, I was a good friend to God
I made the wild wolves, he created the swans.
All worked fine til I slept with his wife-
then He got mad and shut me out of his life..,"

(What will come out of this?)
the farmer thought for himself
(How will this story end?)
and so it happened then
he sat and listened when,
the Devil kept telling his tale;

"I´m sick of my mansion, that big firy place
of loud chamber music and ladies in chains."

"but MY life is hard work", the farmer replied
"All day with bent back, just a constant strife..."

"So why don´t we switch life´s - starting today!?"
"You´d tend the fire, make mischief and play all day!"

"OK, then - lets make this deal
but beware of my wife,
she can be a nag at times
at least I told you
yeah - I told you."

(I told you)


released July 31, 2012



all rights reserved


JOE JAUNTY™ Streetmusician Sweden

Joe Jaunty is a swedish streetmusician, collabing with artists from all over the world.....

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