SOMETHING (single) © 2012


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SOMETHING by Joe Jaunty ©2012

-I had a dream last night - I remember it all
I was out walking in the streets - talking to ya´all...

And I was asking:
- Is there somethingonyourmind?
- Is there somethingonyourmind?

1 -There was a young boy - shooting "hoops" in his yard
He was kinda´short in the leg - but he tried really hard...
Someone had told him -"Give it up - You suck!"
"But if I can´t dream my dream - what´s the use
to dream at all?"

- There was somethingonhismind!
- Is there somethingonyourmind?

2 -I saw a pretty girl - she was skipping rope
Suddenly she stopped in mid-air
like she ran out of hope...
(She said): "I came to think about - pollution and all that stuff...
and if I grow old - will our planet be snuffed?"

- There was somethingonhermind!
- Is there somethingonyourmind?

3 -Two guys where out fishing - in a little boat
and they were discussing - does God exist - or is he a hoax?
well, it turned out to be - the fishes-lucky-day!
Cos they rocked the boat and they sunk it all
and their bodies sailed away!

- There was somethingsontheirmind!
- Is there somethingsonyour mind?

4 -There was a blind man - and his dog
The man was beating it up with a stick - but it kept plugging along...
The Dog figured: "He´ll maybe change...
And if he wont - I will lead him across the next junction -
LOOK! There´s a train!"

- There was somethingonitsmind!
- Is there somethingonyourmind?

5 -Some guys blew up a house (or maybe there was two?)
They were all covered with hate - but I guess their ma´s loved them true...
If they only had had a hobby - collecting stamps and such!
It would never had happened - and those buildings would still be there- to touch!

- They had somethingontheirminds!
- Do You have somethingonYourmind?

6 -A brand new Mercedes pulled up - Fat guy at the wheel!
I tried so hard to read his thoughts - (but) it was a closed deal
So I had to ask him: WTF?
(And he said): "Well, I´m a politician you see - Vote for Me - and - Good Luck!"

- There was nothinginhismind!
- Is there somethinginYourmind?

7 - Most people are the same - all over the world
Well, apart from those pluckers - who won´t do what they are told!
I think that others - should be just like me!
Cus then there wouldn´t be any Wars...
...and I will beat them til they agree...

- There is somethingonMymind!
- Is there somethingonYourmind?
- Is there somethingonYourmind?
- coz there is somethingonMYmind!


released May 1, 2012
Instruments & arrangement by Klaus Kappes



all rights reserved


JOE JAUNTY™ Streetmusician Sweden

Joe Jaunty is a swedish streetmusician, collabing with artists from all over the world.....

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