HEY! © 2013 (Single)

by Joe Jaunty feat. Fiona MacMahon

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"JOE JAUNTY" is a swedish streetmusician (earlier known as "UnderHatten/Under-The-Hat"). His songs are On Air on FM-radiostations throughout the world in countries such as US, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, The Netherlands, UK, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and Australia.


Joe Jaunty´s songs are however mostly played in the US. Between May of 2010 and December 2013 - in 28 states, counting only FM and terrestrial radiostations.

The song "HEY!" is a duet with Fiona MacMahon from Ireland (but residing in Hamburg, Germany).
Music and Lyrics by Joe Jaunty (as well as acoustic guitar and melodica).
Arrangement by Klaus Kappes, Germany
Mix by Boris Dommenget, also Germany.

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"Joe Jaunty" är en svensk gatumusikant (tidigare känd som "UnDErHatTEn") vars låtar nu har blivit spelade på FM-radiostationer över hela världen. Bl.a. i USA, Kanada, Tyskland, Nya Zeeland, Holland, Storbritannien, Polen, Slovakien, Sverige och Australien.
USA är där han hörs mest och han samarbetar flitigt med andra skickliga musiker & artister, bl.a Bo Strandell (Hallstahammar, Sverige),
Klaus Kappes (från Neuss, utanför Dusseldorf i Tyskland), Cathie Fredrickson (Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA) & R. Pickett Bugg (Clarksville, Virginia, USA).


På låten "HEY!" (skriven i december 2012) sjunger han duett med Fiona MacMahon (ursprungligen från Irland). TEXT/MUSIK - Joe Jaunty (även melodica och akustisk gitarr).

Arrangemang/Instrumentering av Klaus Kappes
Mixning av Boris Dommenget (Hamburg).

Hoppas era ÖRON gillar! ☺ /LADDA gärna NER/
released March 13, 2013/Re-released for FREE Download:
January 14, 2014
Music and Lyrics - Joe Jaunty
Arrangement - Klaus Kappes, Neuss, Germany
Vocals by Fiona MacMahon (Hamburg, Germany) and Joe
MasterMix by Boris Dommenget, Hamburg


by Joe Jaunty (#3 C-dur)
/JOE/ - Hey - Did U See That?
Did U See What Just Went Bye?

H-ey! H-ey!

/FIONA/ Hey - Could U Feel That?
Did It Make U Feel Alive? /For Awhile/


J - Hold It High - In The Sky
F - In The Sky!
J - Way Above - Way Up High
F - Way Up High!
J - Whatever U Do - Don´t Let it Fall
F- Don´t Let it Fall

/TOGETHER/Down, down, down, down....

Can U Hold This?
Can U Hold It In Your Hand?

H-ey! It´s My Love! (It´s My Love)

I Can Feel It
I Can Feel It In My Hand /Your Love/
Hey! - Hey!

F - Hold It High - In The Sky
J - Hold It High!
F - Way Above Your Head
J - High!
F - Please Don´t Let It - Let It Fall
J - (I Won´t Let It Fall)
F - Hey! - Hey - It´s My Love!


Were There Signs - In The Sky?
To Tell Us That It Was All
- Going Down

Were We Blind?
Could We Both Have Been Blind?


/JOE/ HEY! - Did U Call Me?
Did U Call Me By My Name?

HEY! (hey)

/FIONA/ HEY! Could You Scream It?
Scream It Once Again? /Scream It Loud!/

Hey - Hey - Hey - Hey (repeat/both)
F- Scream It Loud
J - Scream It Out Loud!
F - Say It - LOVE!
F - Should I whisper Instead?
J - In My Ear
F - What We All Want To Hear!



released March 20, 2013
Music & Lyrics by JOE JAUNTY (also vocals, acoustic guitar, melodica)
Vocals by Fiona MacMahon
Arrangement by Klaus Kappes, Germany
Mix by Boris Dommenget, also Germany.



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